Bookkeeping & Accounts in London

As businesses must record transactions in their books, file their tax returns and register and file their VAT returns if their turnover reaches the threshold, they will, at some point, need/look for accounting services from accountants. With years of experience in helping clients meet their deadlines, MW Accounting Services is one of the leading accounting services providers in Bracknell you can trust to let us take your stress out so that you can focus on growing your business. The accounting services we provide include:

Value Added Tax (VAT) services

If you are VAT registered, you must file your VAT returns online unless conditions for filing paper returns are met (VAT return). The VAT bills will also be paid online (Pay your VAT bill)

VAT schemes:

Standard VAT scheme

Flat rate scheme

Cash accounting scheme

Annual accounting scheme 

We have years of experience in helping clients with our VAT advice and VAT returns submission. Our VAT services include:

  • VAT advice when turnover reaches or nears the threshold
  • VAT registration 
  • VAT returns
  • VAT schemes advice
  • VAT de-registration
Company Secretarial in UK

Bookkeeping & Accounts services

Businesses, unincorporated or incorporated, must record their income & expenses (bookkeeping) & keep these records for a period specified by law. For a limited company, they must be kept for 6 years ( while for self-employed individual, they are 5 years (

Some businesses attempt to do bookkeeping and accounts themselves to save their accountancy fees. But their expenditures are often wrongly allocated therefore their accounts are incorrect and, in some cases, significantly misleading.

We have expertise and substantial experience in helping clients with their bookkeeping & accounts (turning their raw data/receipts into meaningful Profit & Loss account and Balance Sheet). Our services for bookkeeping & accounts are flexible and can either be computerised or manual depending on our clients needs or budget.



So if you are struggling or feeling annoyed with these boring jobs, talk to us today for any help on:

  • Bookkeeping (for sole trader, partnership and limited company)
  • Company end of year accounts
  • Submission of limited company accounts
  • Partnership accounts
  • Sole trader/self-employed accounts

Company Secretarial in London

Company secretarial services

A UK limited company can be incorporated by applying with Companies House. An owner can be both a shareholder and director of his/her company. A company director is responsible for filing the company accounts and confirmation statement annually. A director is also responsible for informing Companies House of any changes in their company.

If you need help, our experts are pleased to provide services on:

  • Limited company incorporation
  • Confirmation Statement (previously known as annual return) submission
  • Company accounts submission
  • Company strike off
  • Company details changes

Management Accounting in London, UK


Tax return services

UK_based businesses that are not dormant must file tax returns with HMRC annually. A sole trader or self employed must register and file their self assessment tax return. A nominated partner files his or her self assessment tax return together with a partnership tax return. A director is responsible for filing a company tax return as well as his/her self assessment tax return.

accounting services

Our accountants are specialised in advising on self assessment registration and tax returns filing. Besides, we have also assisted and advised clients on tax savings or tax efficient ways of withdrawing funds from their business. Our friendly and specialist services include:

  • Corporation tax computations and returns submission
  • Self assessment and partnership registration
  • Self assessment and partnership tax returns and submission
  • Property income tax computations and returns
  • Tax savings and tax planning

Management Accounting in London, UK

Management accounting services

Management accounts are used internally by company management. Cash is a heart of every business as it is used in their day-to-day business running. Businesses are unlikely to survive if their cash dries up. Cash flow projections are one of the important tools that let management know when their business will run out of cash so they can plan to borrow or when to invest the surplus to earn extra income. 

Our team offer our expertise and affordable services on:

  • Management accounts
  • Cash flow projections
  • Budgeting
  • Variance analysis

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