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MW Accounting Services was established by our partner, Mark Pereira, a highly qualified and experienced accountant. Since his qualifying over 20 years ago, he has gained extensive experience and knowledge in all areas of business from his working at numerous accounting practices, including small practices & the big 5 UK-based firms. He is also excellent at dealing with all clients.


With his 30-year experience working at different accounting practices, his great communication with clients and his ample knowledge, Mark Pereira at MW Accounting Services, is your perfect Bracknell accountants that you will feel confident to let him & his team advise and assist your business.


Outside his work:

Apart from being Bracknell accountants & as part of a work-life balance, Mark has spent his free time doing some exercises and learning sporting activities, including walking and cycling. He used to play football when he was younger but now he is a Portsmouth Football Club supporter only, a team he has supported since his childhood. He also practised swimming and was awarded a Swimming Proficiency Certificate.

MW Accounting Services offers affordable and approachable accounting services that are tailored to suit clients business needs. We are very well rated by clients because of our excellent services & understanding of their needs.


Understanding business needs, great communication with clients and trustworthiness are of paramount to us at MW Accounting Services.


Our Bracknell accountants are fully qualified, reliable and experienced. We ensure that the knowledge and work of our team go beyond the standard required by professional body. Clients have given us 5-star reviews because of our best accounting services, down to earth approach and close relationship with them.    


Our fees are fixed and based on clients business needs but are reasonable & affordable. They are divided into 3 categories: 1) fees for self employed/sole traders, 2) fees for partnerships and their partners and 3) fees for limited companies & the directors. Clients may choose to pay monthly fees or pay after the work is finished. 


As local Bracknell accountants, we do care about the environment in and around the area we live and do our business, and we care about our planet too. We believe that every part of our world is now affected by the climate change, a result of our reckless behaviour. If everybody lets this continue, no one can escape the consequences so they should lend their hands to help by starting from their home and local areas.


With this in mind, we are as environmentally friendly as we possibly can. Our documents are scanned and stored in our password protected computers. All our working papers are prepared & saved on computers with no print outs. Walking to work helps us reduce the carbon footprints. At home we reuse plastic bags or containers.


So if you are looking for friendly, trustworthy, helpful and affordable  Bracknell accountants with quality and reliable accounting services, MW Accounting Services is the one you will want to contact for help with your business.


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